What Do Others Say?

Working with Dr. T. has taken me from fear, pain and suffering to a place of radiance—physically, mentally and spiritually. I feel whole and happy. Thank you! ~Michele C.

After a life time of hormonal imbalances, Dr. Tirrell Magnuson has successfully helped me to achieve the integration and balance that I have been seeking. I appreciate her no nonsense but gentle, loving support. I believe that the improvements in my overall health are a direct result from the work with her. She is also a fabulous chiropractor and very patient in her approach with sensitive subjects. ~Star Wolf

When I first started seeing Dr. Tirrell Magnuson, I was suffering with depression, wanting to get off anti-depressants, and manage my health in a more natural way. After a comprehensive history and saliva testing to assess my adrenal/hormonal health I began a healing protocol that led to healthy weight loss and an enhanced sense of well-being. I have maintained a good weight, healthy diet and I have gotten off my anti-depressants. I look and feel good, an even though I am not perfect with my diet, who is? I feel happy about where I am with my life right now. Thank you so much Tirrell. ~Windraven

Dr. T. has helped me to look at my adrenal and hormone levels via saliva testing. Based upon the results of these tests, I have been on a protocol of supplements. We have seen positive changes in my levels over a year’s time. This work is truly Dr. T’s passion and she has guided and supported me in making healthier choices in my life one day at a time. ~Kathy M.

Again, thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the past several years.  The changes I see in myself are mind boggling at times, and without you I am not sure they would have come about. ~Brian H.

It tickles me to be free of pain after years of suffering.  My friend, my confidant, my healer. Thank you! ~Peter A.

I have been to many chiropractors in the six cities in which I have lived, but I have never met someone whose touch is as "knowing" as Dr. T's. She can sense where you need to be adjusted, respects your process, and develops trust with her clients. ~Peter H.

With regular chiropractic care, I am now pain free and feel more energetic and flexible. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are additional benefits of Dr. T's wholistic approach. When our children come with me for an appointment, they love being adjusted also. ~Layla M.

Dr. Magnuson is great! She will gently ease your pain in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. And the laser is wonderful. ~Kim T.

One of Dr. Magnuson’s greatest attributes is her caring demeanor for her patients which carries over in providing excellent personalized health care. With her, a patient is not a “number.” She spends the time needed to optimize complete recovery and design an individualized wellness plan. ~Patsy H.

I am now pain free. Dr. Tirrell has taught me the value of healing from within. With her gentle touch and vast knowledge of health, she has put me on the road to recovery and well on the way to a happy, healthy and balanced life. God bless you, Dr. T. ~Lynn C.


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