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If you are giving any consideration to seeing an alternative care practitioner, you are among many millions of Americans who have done so and found excellent results and enhanced health naturally. In the past few decades, alternative care has become a very popular healthcare solution for musculoskeletal pain as well as many other conditions. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss whether or not a natural, holistic approach would be a wise choice for you.

The Mountain Community Wellness Center is highly regarded in the community. We have been serving the Waynesville/Asheville area and surrounding communities for over 11 years. Our patients tell us that we truly care about them and their health and well being. We offer a friendly and professional environment in which we provide personal attention to each patient.

We have excellent results in pain relief. But, our true focus is on the whole person, and not just treating the symptoms. We strive to help our patients achieve optimum health through gentle chiropractic care, lifestyle counseling, natural hormone balancing and more, which incorporates physical, nutritional and emotional aspects. As an example, nutritional deficiencies and/or emotional/mental stress can be directly involved in a patient’s physical problems.

Our first priority is you and your health. It would be an honor and privilege to have you as a patient. If you would like to discuss your healthcare needs, please call Mountain Community Wellness Center at 828-452-9060 or 828-226-6089 to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation. Non-residents can receive their complimentary consultation by phone.


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